The pain of pride and ache to cry,​
For those old soldiers, marching by,​
Now fragile in their marching pride,​
Those age worn faces cannot hide​
Scenes of battle burned on mind
And youthful comrades left behind.

Old soldiers hold the marching line​
Advancing, never marking time,​
Wheel chair, walking, number dwindled
Together still, their passion kindled,
Brave old hearts rise to the call​
Knowing soon they too will fall.

So share their pride and ache to cry,​
As those last old soldiers pass on by.​

2 thoughts on “Patriot

  1. I went to a few events last year, including recreations of D Day landings down in Southsea. Interesting to watch – and then very moving when I spotted veterans amongst the audience and watched their reactions.


  2. Thanks for reading it Patsy. I spent a year in Portsmouth, probably 1965, at teacher training college. Loved the old town, south sea and Langstone harbour areas. Failed as a teacher. The sight of these old soldiers is heart rending, as is the sight of the youngsters today with lost limbs. Sad.


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