Introduction to this site



Passing sixty, there is a tendency to be retrospective in view. That is what I find anyway. Inspiration comes from people I have met, things I have done, events that have shaped my life. For some reason, the past now appears in brighter colour than it has ever done. The further I travel back, the brighter it seems. Do our minds deceive us? Possibly. But if this deception is an inspiration to write, then what the hell.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is one of my favourite poems and it seems this is the story of what life itself is all about. So please take a journey back with me and see if my experiences trigger memories of your own.

Finally, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something to please you here.



4 thoughts on “Introduction to this site

  1. just found your website . Some fine reading. Will bookmark and come back to read more. Maybe add a page counter to it, so you’d know how many people visit it ?


    1. Thanks Jim for taking the time and the nice comment. I’ll look into your page counter idea but to be honest I’ve struggld a bit just to set up the page! Technology and social networking are not my best of friends!


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